August 9th 2018
Appointed Fellow of the Alan Turing Institute, the UK’s national institute for data science and artificial intelligence.

May 29th 2018
Just out in Journal of Urban Economics: Why do industries coagglomerate? How Marshallian externalities differ by industry and have evolved over time.

April 14th 2018
New course coming in 2019: Mathematics and Data Science for Development. More details coming soon. 

February 7th 2018
Just back from the inaugural meeting of PEAK Urban in South Africa with PI Michael KeithSue ParnellAromar ReviJuan C. DuqueTim Schwanen and Kazem Rahimi.

December 6th 2017
The 2018 Oxford Summer School on Economic Networks is now open for registration here

September 29th 2017
New PhD students Nils Rochowicz (University of Oxford Mathematical Institute) and Sanna Ojanpera (Alan Turing Institute) started this week.

September 26th 2017                                                                            
£7million RCUK grant awarded across 4 departments at Oxford and 4 global partners in Colombia, South Africa, India and China to study urban development.